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I am so terribly sorry to have been missing for such a long time, you would not believe how hectic everything has been and how many crazy things have happened to me since leaving this beautiful place. All you need to know is that i am back for good and keep an eye out for my posts in the next week!


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Don’t Miss out on The BLANKET

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Something currently trending crazily at the moment is the blanket. I fell in love with it for the first time when i saw models strutting down wearing them at the burberry show in the London week 2014 but they were not as popular as they are now.

A few weeks later i saw an article with Rosie Huntington Whitely wearing the same Blanket personalised with the initials R.H.W and from then on i was obsessed with them. When it comes to the fashion blankets you don’t necessarily have to buy them from expensive stores like Burberry, try the normal high street stores and you might be surprised by how good they are!

The Blanket literary looks great with anything that you are wearing wether it being a dress, skirt, shorts or jeans.  My favourite looks are paring it with Jeans and pumps or a Nice skirt and some heels. The blankets are effortlessly classic.and classic and they are bound to make you look great!


Try it with a nice pair of skinny jeans or pencil skirt

Try buying partnered ones instead of sticking to one plain colour.

Experiment with them and throw in some nice matching accessories!


The blanket is not an excuse to chuck on whatever and hopping that it turns out great.

Watch the colours that you wear with it!

It’s your job to enhance the blanket but it’s not the blanket’s job to enhance you (in other words don’t let it wear you)



Fashion Bucket Lists.

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When it comes to fashion, we won’t admit this but we like to play safe. We also like to stick to our normal rituals and we panic at the thought of trying something else because we haven’t seen anyone else doing it. Well i have created a fashion Bucket list for this month and i dare you to try this and cross them off as you go then come back to me and tell me if they were as hard as they look!

Bucket List.

1. Buy something without looking at the price.

2.Get your stylish friend to dress you up for the night.

3. Go to a formal event in a cropped top and long skirt instead of a dress.

4.Buy a bold pair of sunglasses (P.S Aviator sunglasses don’t count, they are not bold)

5. Wear a Coat/blazer/vest as a dress.

Let Go and live a little!



Working with prints

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Prints are bold and beautiful on clothing. They work well when put with great accessories and other clothing pieces but most times they don’t work well when thrown together with other prints because they clash.

Prints are made to stand out and whatever you wear with a print should be chosen to enhance the print. Mixing prints is great for people with a good eye to detail. My best advice for wearing prints is to pick out 2 certain colors in your print and work with them and if it’s black and white then pick out a bold color to work with.



Does your Bra Fit?

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Let’s face it, we have all had a time or 2 where we have worn a bra that’s a size too small on purpose to boost up our boobs! But most of the time, people do it unwillingly without actually knowing that they are wearing the wrong bra size.

Signs that you are wearing the wrong size.

1. Your straps dig into your shoulders – I used to have this problem and when i remove my bra, i would have deep marks of the bra on my shoulders. This happens when the band is too loose.

2. Your Bra rides up your back – I think most of us can say that we have had this problem at least once in our lives. If your band is not tight it will ride up your back.

3. The middle of the Bra is not lying flat – If the middle of your bra is not lying flat this will mean that your boobs are not fully supported.

4. Flashing unwanted boobs – If your nipples are hanging out of your bra or your side boob is on show then you are probably wearing the bra a size too small.

5. Empty Cups – I had this problem as well when i moved from a too small bra to a bra that was too big. This is when your wear your bra and your boobs are only filling up half of the bra and the other half is just nothing. If this happens then your bra is just too big.

The best way to get a fitting bra is by speaking to a Bra fit specialist and if you don’t want to speak to someone then go to the stores and try on different bra’s whilst making sure that you are not experiencing the above signs. Also invest in a more costly bra, they actually fit way better and have a great support. If you want just to boost up your boobs, simply get a push up bra or boosting Bra that’s your size.



Mascara Mistakes!


After having too many mascara disasters and finally mastering the art of applying some without looking like a clown at the end, this is my advice.

1. Pilling on too many coats is not a great idea. With the majority of Mascaras, you will find that you only need to put 2 coats on and no more. If you try to put on too many coats, your Mascara will start drying up and it will give you a spidery looking clumpy mess and let’s face it, no one wants that.

2. Curling eyelashes with Mascara on. I can not stress at how this is a huge no no. There it a huge chance that when you finish curling your eyelashes might not be attached to your eyelids anymore.

3. Pumping the mascara brush. Pumping the brush actually puts more air inside the mascara bottle and this will result in it drying.

4. Keep makeup wipes close to you as you put on mascara or you might leave the house with black marks all over you, especially above your eyelids.



Co-ordinate Crazy

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 11.32.56 am If you currently don’t have any coordinates in your wardrobe i will be shocked! They are very much in trend right now and i can confirm for you that maybe i might have gone just a bit overboard buying them but who can blame me!. If you want a easy outfit that looks great without having to spend 30 minutes ramaging your wardrobe looking for something to match then i can guarantee you that co-ordinates will never let you down. The best part is that they are not just made specifically for one style, you can choose whatever you want depending on your style of dressing. You can get a short and top co-ord, a skirt and top co-ord, pant and top co-ords and many more. It is like a modern take on to Clueless without making you seem too dressy. If you want to be dressed up, maybe for a party or dinner, you can still co-ord as long as you buy the nice evening wear ones, throw some heels on and some beautiful Jewellery. Dont’s Add too much to the outfit, keep it simple and fabulous. Do not Get them a size too small, especially if they leave your stomach out, they will just squeeze the skin in-between out and make you look bigger. Do’s Simplify the look and add Accessories and Jewellery to inhance the look not overshadow it. Experiment, you will never know if it suits you until you try. Remember, you never know until you have tried it.


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